The Wall

I hit a wall on Tuesday, and absolutely collapsed. Well, I almost absolutely collapsed. I put two coats of paint on the stairs, while the paint dried, I wrote some posts for my Belle’s Box series over on Granny’s Genealogy. Then, it was outside to paint the new trim, which will go in the living room once the floor is installed. It was too windy, but I didn’t quit, I just painted and then put the trim back into the garage. D3 helped me get my bike down, I wanted to ride it now that the weather is better. The tires are nearly flat, I’ll have to figure that out.

Back inside, I took a much needed shower, and then I collapsed. I laid on the bed, and almost fell asleep. The gray and white “always scared” cat cuddled up next to me, as if to comfort me some.

I dragged myself up at 4, moved the furniture that is left in the living room, vacummed up all the white/antique white paint chips that fell off the drop cloth. The I vacummed the dining room and living room, removing cat hair, itty bitty pieces of dried paint, and other unpleasant stuff. I was sitting down when Papa arrived, and hadn’t even thought of dinner. We made do with eggs and sausage, and I sat for the rest of the night. The Wings won, that made it a better day.

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