The Night Before the Night Before

Today is the 23rd, usually a busy day.  But we didn’t have a thing to do.  We removed our tree and packed Christmas away for another year.  We cleaned.  We packed our car for the trip to Jekyll on the 26th, and packed our van for our Christmas with grandma up North.  We visited some friends and picked up some flyers to take on our trip.

I watched a very funny video that Sista Smiff had posted on YouTube. And another one!  That woman is funny, and creative.

Now, it’s football.  Oh, ya, we hooked up on-line access for GS2’s playstation 2.  We’re paying for this great DSL, might as well use as much of it as we can.

We’re missing GS1.  I hope he has enough friends at Great Lakes and they keep it together for Christmas.  It’s his first year away from family rituals–and he’s so young.  D1 is looking forward to seeing him at his graduation in January.  I’m just missing him, and crying about it sometimes.

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