The Lost is found

Last fall, I hauled out a cool game that I remembered from my youth, so I could enjoy it wth GD1.  She had great small muscle coordination, but she couldn’t manage both the ball and the jacks at that time.  I put it away after she left, but one of the 10 jacks was missing. Oh well.

I vacuum my house several times a week, I dust just as often.  I move the furniture each time.  Thursday, I ran through the routine yet again.  Vacuum stairs, move chair and couch, vacuum where they were, dust baseboards.  Pick up jack on floor.  Wait a minute, where did that come from after all this time.  Stuck in chair?  under couch? ???? So the question is, “Why did it take me 8 months to find the missing jack?  I’m blaming the cats, but who knows?

 I want you all to know that I’m not a slob, but this probably was not the best way to convey that!

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