The Hair Problem

I used to have hair that was a kind of light copper color, so curly that my stepsister said people referred to me as, “The girl with the tee-pee hair.”  Probably an accurate statement, since it started at my scalp and just kept on going—similar to Alice in Dilbert.  This hair had white strands, copper color strands, and various shades in between. 

It’s now pretty grey, but that’s not the problem, the cut is.

Mom always wanted me to have a layered cut to show off the curl.  In the surfer 60’s that wasn’t too cool and I tried various remedies to straighten.  None worked well.

A continuing problem through my life has been difficulty finding anyone who actually knows how to cut curly hair, and didn’t expect to make their entire weeks wages cutting mine.

When my senior picture was taken, I had it so short that curl wasn’t much of a worry.  All the time my children were small I had either short hair or some kind of pony tail to keep it out of the way or off my mind.

While I was working and traveling all over the country I regularly got perms that resulted in pretty good control, just wash, condition and comb.

Sometime in the ‘90’s I just quit getting hair cuts and grew a braid that was almost long enough to sit on.  But I braided it over my left shoulder, and eventually, my neck started to ache from the weight.  About 5 years ago I had it cut and gave it to Locks of Love.

I found a lady who worked in a salon one block from my home who could cut my hair.  I could walk there, the cuts she gave looked good for months, and it cost only $20 and a $5 tip.  I probably should have tipped her $100.  When I called for an appointment 18 months ago, the salon reported she was no longer there and made me an appointment with another lady.  Disaster.  Hair stuck out everywhere.  No amount of blow drying, moose, spray or anything else helped.

D1, who knows the receptionist at said salon, called there and fished around to try to find out where my lady had gone.  The salon just said she packed her things and left one Saturday, without giving a reason.  She had worked there over 15 years!

I tried 2 other places with similar disastrous results.  The last cut was in May, the worst of all.  It is now January, and my hair is looks pretty good, but is getting too long.

Now what?  I’m just not the type to pay the big bucks for something like a haircut, it doesn’t seem right.  But, the cut-rate, production line salons won’t work for me.  Many of their employees never saw a curly hair in their lives, much less cut a whole head of them.

Believe me, a cut suitable for straight hair is NOT ok for my hair.  My indecision, and unwillingness to go for another bad cut will have me back in a braid pretty soon.  So, if you live in the northern suburbs of Detroit, and know how to cut curly hair, and don’t charge an arm and a leg for said cut, contact me ASAP!

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