The Fix-it Guy

We have a few repairs that need to be done on the exterior of our little home.  So we went to the home show, got the names of three contractors, and called them to come and give us quotes.  One never made the appointment.  One was twice as much as the third, and couldn’t seem to provide references, or answer questions.  So number 3,  got the business.

I called them the other day and tonight, their guy showed up to confirm what was to be done and get the deposit.  I don’t know much, but he was loud, louder than anyone I’ve ever met in person before.  He must have thought we were deaf.  But we could hear him fine, in fact, the “kids” said, he was loud.  Come to think of it, I wish all the doctors, clerks, waiters and waitresses and anyone else that has to help S-Dad with anything would talk that loud.  Maybe he could hear some of it.  Maybe.

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