The Faster I Go…

The behinder I get.  I know it’s not a word, but it is the way things are going.  The yard, the garden, the list.  We are headed out tomorrow for a couple of days in Lex.  We could probably go tonight, but my stuff isn’t together.  Not that it will be tomorrow, but it might be.  D3 will water the flowers and see to things around here when we’re gone, one very good reason why I’m glad the D’s are here.

Right now, it’s mow the lawn, plant the rest of the garden, put edging in the new flower bed, plant the new flower seeds I bought, fasten down the bottom of the garden fence, get some nails out of some wood stakes, vacuum, wash clothes and dishes, finish edging the driveway, take out garbage, back up computers, pack clothes, food and all the other stuff that’s been somewhere besides in Lex for the winter. 

No wonder I’m behind.

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