The Dresses

You remember the dresses, don’t you?  If you don’t, GD1 and GD2 are going to be flower girls.  The wedding isn’t until June, but I’m a worry wart.  The dresses have a colored sash, which is called “orchid”, but which looks like blue on my monitor, and let me know what color on yours.  Knowing that the sash is the same color as the bridesmaids dresses, and remembering that most brides are fussy and emotional, I splurged and purchased a yard of the absolute correct satin from a bridal store.  So, the sash color will perfectly match the “big girls” dresses.  The bride sent me a sample of the ivory satin that the dresses need to match.  Yesterday, coupons in hand, Papa and I toured the local fabric stores.

Talk about an adventure.  I don’t believe I made any formals when our daughters were in High School, probably because I was always working, and sometimes midnights.  At store one, we couldn’t get close to matching the satin, and when I asked if more satin fabrics would be coming in, they said no.  Folks, this is January.  What do people make their prom dresses out of these days?

At store number 2, we searched and searched and finally found an acceptable match, and there was beautiful matching Tulle for the overlay.  We got it all, including lining for the top and the petticoats that will be needed and smiled happily.  But, there were no ribbon roses in the color of the sash material.  According to instructions, the dresses need to have ribbon roses sewn on the tulle over-skirt.

At the craft store, we found white ones, and some others that also didn’t match.  Papa said, “Can you dye them?”  Well I knew I couldn’t, but D3 knows how do dye things.  So we headed for the dye section.  Nothing even close.  But, there was fabric paint in a matching color.  So, I bought the paint and the white ribbon roses.  During football, I painted them.  They came our remarkably well, aren’t I lucky?

I put the fabric and all away.  The dresses can’t be made until April, since the GD’s grow so fast.  I’m going to use the pattern to make Easter dresses, to check the fit.  After all, they should be perfect, shouldn’t they?

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