The Day After

Today, we are getting ready for a trip down south. If you have checked out the links on my blog, you have noticed that the count down timer is counting down to the New Year’s bluegrass festival at Jekyll Island . We have enjoyed attending that festival numerous times over the past few years, although we missed last year. The festival was after New Year’s Day, on January 3-5. Because of the way the date fell the vacation required would have been in the 2008 calendar year, and was not feasible for us. We are excited about this trip, we always enjoy a break from the bad weather, and Jekyll is a beautiful place.

For the uninitiated, the Federal Reserve was invented , or dreamed up, or whatever terminology you might use, on Jekyll. Many well off Northerners had vacation homes on Jekyll, it was called the Jekyll Island Club. It is instructive to know that the homes were lavish, but didn’t include full kitchens, the members ate together in a common dining room.

When we travel, we try to see as many sites as is possible. This year, we will be visiting the Georgia aquarium on our way to Jekyll Island. I’ll post some photos of our travels, and share the fun we have.

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