Thanksgiving (and a game of Tag)


Julie over at Gen Blog has challenged us to:

1. Write a blog post telling us about 2 things you are thankful for.
2. You can post the Thanksgiving Day banner above in your post if you like.
3. Tag one person to spread the love. Post a comment on their blog so they know they’ve been tagged.

So, this year I’m especially thankful that my oldest grandson is home and will be at Thanksgiving dinner with M-in-L. Thanksgiving will also be his 20th birthday. I did write a little more about him here and here.

M-in-L is my second person to be thankful for. As Papa and I approach our fortieth anniversary, she had been a loving, steady presence throughout. When our first daughter was born, she was there to help. I remember all our daughters running across the field to Grandmas to visit. Now, they often say, I sure hope I can (insert the activity here) when I’m Grandmas age.

On Thursday, Grandma will host a Thanksgiving dinner for a crew that is grateful for her love and care, and I’ll be proud to be among them.

I’ve chosen to tag Apple, and I hope she can participate, even though she’s recuperating.

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