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D3 came in the door a few days ago toting a formal dress in a plastic bag. She said, “Coworker wants you to shorten her daughter’s prom dress.” I shuddered. I’m nervous about sewing anything of someone else’s, and especially if it is worth more than $2.00. It was worth more than $2. An attached …

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Did I say the dresses were finally finished?  I’m really glad, and relieved.  I am going to make aprons for them,  so they won’t get too much food on them at the reception. We’re calling them aprons, it might be more like big bibs! If you have the time, you could compare them to the sample.  I’m …

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****Winter Storm Warning

MyCast has thoughtfully sent me yet another winter storm warning. Oh wait, they wouldn’t send it if I didn’t subscribe. I am beginning to wonder why I did subscribe; I have a faint recollection that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Once again, we may get inches of snow, or some sleet …

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