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TV Promo for Pickin’ on CF!

Emily Richett, Fox 17 in Grand Rapids reported on Pickin’ on CF for her morning audience today!  Pretty exciting.  Just access Emily’s page, then scroll down to the video or April 1. Or click the numbers, and you all three, Emily goes Country, #1, #2 and #3 .

Is Anything Done?

Papa and I had a wonderful time at M-in-L’s home “up North” over the weekend. We ate a little cake, and visited. We had a brief visit with S-Dad, and continued on toward home. Since we were in the neighborhood, and hungry, we ate at Zenders something we rarely do. It was nice to sit …

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Ramping Up In Nashville

We’ll be headed downtown to watch a couple of Michigan groups, Hardline Drive and Max and Ruth Bloomquist,  play at the Bluegrass Inn. We are attending the awards show again this year, then we’ll probably hit a few downtown spots to check out some of the music.  Fanfest starts tomorrow, then we’ll really be soaking …

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How Great it Is…

Sometimes when there is an elephant in the room, all you can do is kick the dog. After all the elephant is so big and the dog is manageable. Once Papa and I had a disease as big as an elephant in our space, and I know it’s a difficult situation. We are grateful that …

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Thank You!

I can’t name names today, since I’m not focused and I don’t have my program, it’s in Papa’s car.  I just want all of the wonderful people who came out Saturday to support Jimmy’s endeavour, Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis, to know how much it meant to Papa and I. You can see the main sponsors …

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Just do It!

Some things you need to do. We want to see you at Jimmy’s benefit show next Saturday, April 19, Dogwood Center, Fremont, Michigan. For a discount coupon, head on over to the benefit site.