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The Keys are Found, and a Speech is Made

So, after I turned the Front porch and our entry way upside down yesterday, Papa walked out into the garage and immediately found my keys on top of a box of boots. I am grateful, and thankful that I had the good sense to marry him almost 39 years ago. He never once said anything …

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And, the Keys are not:

At the restaurant we ate in on Sunday.  Mixed in with the kids’ toys on the front porch (it’s cold out there).  In, around, on or under the clothes washer and dryer. I’m beginning to think they are lost for good..

Where They are Not

There were 7 cat toys, a die cast car, an bookmark and some dust in the sofa, but no car keys.  More cat toys under it, but no car keys.  Not in or under the chairs, tables, TV or Papa’s computer desk in the living room either.  Not in the basement.  Not in the garbage.  …

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Bad Monday

So far this one has been underwhelming.  I started out with a little correspondence, including an inquiry from our insurance company.  They want to know the odometer reading on one of the cars, they probably don’t think it could move a little as we say it does.  I’d love to fill in the space and …

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