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Wilmington Part Two

Continuing my thoughts on the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival, Wilmington, Ohio from yesterday. I was glad to see that younger players were in evidence at the festival. I think it is interesting that Joe Mullins (promoter/producer) has chosen to admit young people 16 and under free with a parent. I think this is genius. …

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Have you ever been to the Southern Ohio indoor Music Festival? We’ve been attending these fine shows, presented by Joe Mullins, twice a year for a few years. There is always a good line-up, and the events are well run. I’m happy because yesterday was the day the tickets went on sale. We’ll be in …

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Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival

See you at the show today and tomorrow!

The Worst Cold on Earth

Wow.  I was feeling smug just a few weeks ago, since I hadn’t had a cold all winter.  I don’t think I deserve what I got, but maybe I did.  I can tell you, that whatever I have is pretty miserable.  I slept in my chair, and managed to do pretty well.  But, everything that …

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