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I’ve spent the last couple of years immersed in my genealogy society, trying to assist in a number of ways. I woke up one morning in December and realized that I had not worked on my own projects for some time. Well, that’s not exactly true, I have continued to collect information, but I haven’t …

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I Did It! (Almost)

Remember the box, and the resolution to enter all the data into my genealogy database? On June 6th, I checked how I was doing, and found that I had fallen miserably short on the data entry end of things. When I assessed my progress on August 2th, I was feeling a little better about the …

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I was checking Facebook this morning to see what I missed while I was away this weekend, and I clicked on an advertisement.  I’m not much of an ad clicker, but it was something about a garden tool.  I’m all for gardening this time of year. I actually think this is the best laugh I’ve …

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Have I Mentioned

That I sometimes wander. Not just my mind, but my entire universe? “Off on a tangent,” my Mother used to say about my personality quirk. I actually looked that little word up the other day, after I went on one. I sometimes wonder how these side trips happen to me, but not for very long. …

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How Many Deer?

Yesterday morning I needed to get to JoAnn Fabric and get some deals. I was so eager, I arrived before the place opened. On the way back, right here, three deer ran in front of my car. Well, two ran in front of it. I got the other one. This happened in a spot two …

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Just to Let You Know

Here’s what I’ve been working on: Oh ya, here’s how I feel about it: So, in case you though I hadn’t posted any cute tidbits because I don’t love you, or whatever, i’s simply not true.  I’m busy.

Here We Go Again

The weekend is here, or will be in a few hours.  Papa and I have a lot to get done and a short time to do so.  Let’s see, the carrots and beets have to be dug.  I need to see if there are any more tomatoes or anything else that is good left in …

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Listen Up

We saw some good music over the weekend.  Saturday was the 12th annual Auburn Hills Parade of Stars.  We enjoyed each of the bands.  It was nice to see Pine Mountain Railroad in Michigan.  The last time we saw them in Michigan was the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival in June.  Hardline Drive, The Cats and the …

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Wishing You Well

This is one of the birthday cards Papa received Sunday. Nice, huh?

Unexpected Bounty

So, I picked the beans in a hurry yesterday night before we drove GS3 and GD1 to meet their parents. There were 3 buckets. Three, 3, three. These are the huge laundry detergent buckets they used to sell at Costco, before they downsized the bucket and upsized the price. Guess what I’m doing today?