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Cleaning Up

I received unexpected contact with a second cousin of Papa’s the other day. This does not happen too often, so I was surprised. I was doubly surprised that our new cousin asked permission to use a photo that was posted on my Find-a-Grave site. It was not my photo, it was one that a kind …

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Maple Hill Cemetery, Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan – Block 2 Lot 49

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Maple Hill is a larger city cemetery, located on the south side of Cadillac, Michigan. I have collected a number of photographs from this cemetery and will post my photographs by lot number. This lot was purchased 8 March 1920, according to the cemetery records. Dorothy Warren, 19 March 1905 – 5 March 1920. Dorothy …

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Grace Cemetery, Harmony, Pennsylvania

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This cemetery is located just outside Harmony. It is adjacent to the old Mennonite meeting house, and was the burial place for a number of the Mennonite community in Harmony. The cemetery is sometimes called the Old Mennonite Cemetery Here is view of the older portion of the cemetery. A restoration project was underway when …

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