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Sorry to say, my “banjo” tag has nearly disappeared – that is a bad thing.    Just in time, Steve Martin and his banjo have been making the rounds, promoting his new CD, The Crow.  He is also promoting the new Pink Panther movie, but I don’t watch movies.  But I do like banjo music, and …

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Cluck Old Hen

Papa and I went out to the garden last night, and picked many cucumbers and zucchini. We also cut a lot of lettuce, and pulled a few carrots and beets. I picked one cabbage to eat, I enjoy slaw this time of year. I was able to give some cucumbers away, but we are overrun …

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Back at It

Yesterday, was looking over the logs for my sites and I noticed the contact form wasn’t working.  Don’t know for how long, don’t know why.  Frustrating.  Anyhow, I just went through the all the WarrenWeb family sites, and fixed all the problems.  At least all of them I found.  If you used to have a …

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How to Sell a CD – Live

This can’t hurt.

A Little Drive

I headed over to Kalamazoo today, to retrieve our three “little” grandchildren. It’s a happy occasion, Sesame Street Live is playing at the Fox Theater. Since the oldest of the “little” grandchildren was 3 or so, I or we or whoever have made one of those shows with some combination of them. the year GD2 …

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