Thanks to all who made the trek to Papa’s party Sunday.  We had the best weather ever.  Unfortunately, D3 had to work, but B-F was here, and a huge help.  D2, S-in-L and our three little grandchildren arrived Saturday afternoon.  We had a very nice (planned) birthday dinner at a local restaurant, and a very good Cold Stone Creamery Peanut Butter Playground ice cream cake at home.

The day of the  (surprise) party dawned with beautiful weather, and our family around us.  Things went fine for a couple of minutes there, until Papa took the first shower and the tub didn’t drain.  I’ll spare you the complete details, but it was a big mess around here, as everyone took a shower and bailed their water into the toilet.  Thank goodness that was draining fine.  There was an auger, a stool, a bunch of buckets, and a lot of gnashing of teeth.

In the middle of that mess, Papa remembered to call his mother, as he does every Sunday morning.  When she didn’t answer the phone, his face reflected panic, “She isn’t answering!”  I took a look at his face, and 39 years experience told me to spill the beans.  So, “That’s because she’s on her way to your party.”  He was relieved, but puzzled, he hadn’t suspected a thing.

He helped S-in-L and B-F put up the tents and tables, move the cars and generally set up.    Sister-in-law, her husband B-in-L and M-in-L arrived ahead of the crowd, so he had a nice visit.  Neighbors and friends populated my little backyard for several hours, and Papa had a wonderful time.

I believe I’ve finally recovered.  It wasn’t the party, which was a blast, or the company, who were the best guests ever, it was trying to keep a secret.  I can tell you that secret keeping isn’t my forte, especially from Papa.  I tell him everything.

I almost made it….

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