Super Day

Today is the day, finally the last football game of the season (if you don’t count the Pro Bowl) will be played.  The main concerns around here, “What foods are we having?”  That is a family member quote, but I’m not saying who.  I’m pretty sure that Tom Brady will finish the Pat’s fine season with a win.  But I love underdogs, so I might silently root for Eli to have a great day.  Anyone who has ever lived in a shadow of a sibling or parent might also want to do that.

I’m sewing, again.  I hope to accomplish a little this morning.  Yesterday was a washout.  I’ve had 3 days of sinus headache, and nothing is done.  We didn’t go see our friend Mike fill in with a band Friday, and we didn’t go see a band we wanted to learn more about Saturday.  We sure did want to do those things, but we didn’t.

Next Saturday, we’ll be in our former home-town, Cadillac,  helping Papa’s Mother celebrate her birthday.  We’re hoping to make a concert by Detour in that fine city.  So if all works out, we’ll see a fine group of folks we’ve rarely seen in the past 20 years. 

And now, back to the sewing.

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