Sunny and Bright today

It’s a nice looking day, already.  The garbage men already took the leaves, so they’re right with it.  Of course, even though I worked hard yesterday, there are many leaves on the lawn again.  We only bag the one from the walnut tree, the remainder we mow up and put on our garden.  So, I guess I could do that again today.  But, today I need to make apple sauce.  We’ll see how fast I can go.  I’m going to start the music, and core the apples.  Hope to be done early, because there are other tasks ahead. 

I need to pack for our weekend at the bluegrass festival.  I need to wash, vacuum, finish cleaning the flower beds.  Organize my research for a trip to the Bentley Library at the University of Michigan Thursday.   I also need to send a package to GS1 for his birthday.  He’s in Cuba, GITMO for those that know the lingo.  We’re hoping he’ll be back in the states in February as scheduled.

I also have to pack all my painting, painting clothing, and other miscellaneous items for a long visit to D2’s new house in Kalamazoo.  Their goal is to scrub, paint, clean, put in some flooring and move in by Nov 30.  They’ve started without me, a good thing.  I will be going after Papa and I get home Sunday.  So, I’ll have 3 days to work, a trip to M-in-L’s for a Thanksgiving dinner, then a few more days to help them.  Papa will help after Thanksgiving, he is planning to travel back to Kalamazoo with me from M-in_l’s house.  I guess I’ll be tired, but it will be a good tired.  I’ll do whatever I can to help.

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