Summertown Road at the Kentuckians of Michigan, March 20, 2009

Papa’s pictures from last Friday are posted; I must say Summertown Road really livened the place up. There was a very good crowd, we saw a bunch of people that you wouldn’t consider regulars out for the evening. It was good to see Pete Goble out, he said the same thing a lot of people are saying, “First time I’ve been out all winter”. We always enjoy seeing Pete’s friend Russ. Russ really makes it possible for Pete to make some of the shows. Here’s Pete with John Rigsby of Summertown Road:

summertown road 3-20-2009-18


When Papa runs across a very photogenic person, he always says, “So and So never saw a camera s/he didn’t like,” or something to that effect. There are a couple of members of Summertown Road that fit that statement, Bo Isaac and Jack Hicks:

summertown road 3-20-2009-11summertown road 3-20-2009-12

The rest of the photos are posted on Papa’s site.

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    • tipper on March 27, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    Looks like a fun time!

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