I just went out to check my our garden.  Papa has been hard at work, and it shows.  Since today will be cool, hardly getting above 60 according to the weather, so nothing will change out there.  But, all is well as you can see.  Last year, during GS1’s graduation open house a neighbor commented on our garden,  saying it was the “gold standard” in the neighborhood.  A strange coment for sure.  I enjoy the garden, and we’ve found if we work hard in early June, the rest is easy.  Today, I had a visitor

We saw Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper, featuring Audie Blaylock at the Ark Sunday Evening.  It was a good show.  It was nice to see a few Detroit area friends also made the show.  Michael Cleveland is a great fiddler, but there is much more to this group than that.  Like Audie’s singing, like Jesse Brock on that mandolin. 

This has been a frustrating few days for Granny.  My Mom left the nursing home and entered hospice care at her home.  That was on  Friday, probably not the best timing.  A nurse signed her up, and ordered several things, including a hospital bed,  and told us the schedule and the drill.  The hospital bed will arrive today, a big help we’ve needed for a few days.  S-Dad is having a hard time caring for her, but the whole family is helping. 

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