Staying Home

For the last several years we have attended the Lewis Family Festival in Lincolnton, Georgia during this week before Mother’s Day.  This year, we’re staying home.  Mom just got out of the hospital after almost two weeks.  She’s at a nursing home/rehab facility near here.  I think I can ride my bike up there, I’ll probably try later in the week.

So, I helped get her settled, communicated with other family members about what’s going on, and kept myself busy this week.  One of my brothers visited.  We were cute just a few short years ago.  It was interesting to see GS1 and my nephew in a picture taken at Mom’s fall birthday party.  They look enough alike to be related.  I’m told that one mentioned “the nose”.  Funiest thing.  I remember Aunt Jane mentioning “the Nose” a lot.  It was a characteristic of my Dad’s German family.

 We’ll see Rhonda Vincent at Oakland Community College, Waterford Campus on Friday night.  Then, we’ll settle in to see what the future holds.

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