St Ambrose Cemetery, Brussels, Ontario, Canada

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I found a transcription for this cemetery in the library at Goderich, Ontario. Since it was not too far out of my way as I traveled to the cemetery where some of my closer relatives were buried, I stopped.

The burials of interest to me here are related to my Long ancestors. John Long, 1858-1927 was my first cousin, three times removed. His father, also named John Long was a brother of my 2nd great-grandmother Elizabeth Long. John’s branch of the family remained in Ontario.

On large monument marks the final resting place of John Long, his wife and their daughter.

John Long, 1858-1927, and daughter Winnifred Long Wright, 1893-1969

Jennie (Macklam) Long, 1861-1944, wife of John Long

Joseph Long, 1864-1939 and wife Catherine (Russell) Long 1866-1941. Joseph was a brother of John, so he was also my first cousin, three times removed. You can see my car in this photo, showing how close to the highway these graves are.

Mary Long, 1862-1917, wife of Samuel Wilton. Mary’s parents were John Long and Mary Frilch, according to her death record. She was a sibling of the John and Joseph buried on this lot.
marylong wifesamuelwilton

W. Alfred Birtles and wife Marguerite J. Wilton. Marguerite Jeanette Wilton was the daughter of Samuel Wilton and Mary Anne Long according to her birth record.

The remaining burials in proximity to those above appear to be persons related to my cousins.

Lewis and Clara Russell

Lexander Russell and wife Florence Storey

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