Some Wexford County Obituaries

As part of the 2010 Geneablogger Winter Games, I have been organizing my files, renaming some, adding tags and so on. While doing that I came across some information which may help some of you! I posted these on the Wexford, Michigan RootsWeb e-mail list years ago. I think adding it here might reach some people who just “Google” their names. I am often surprised at the search terms which land people on this blog.

While I was copying obituaries from a scrapbook, some “extra” obituaries which were on the pages with my subjects hitchhiked home with me. If you are researching any of these people, please click the “contact me” link at the top right of this page, and e-mail me the name of your subject. I will e-mail you a copy of the obituary.

Last First Year
Agren Gordon Lee 1942
Albright John 1942
Badder Caroline 1942
Baird Mrs. Richard 1942
Benson John 1942
Boggs Kate 1942
Brewer Smith 1942
Brooks Ruppert 1942
Bruyette Mose 1942
Clark Almeda L. 1949
Edelman Mrs. Charles Anna Lindberg 1942
Flynn Frank W. 1942
Fourman Pharon 1942
Greef, Jr. Karl 1949
Ingemanson Mrs. Ola Selma Samuelson 1941
Johnson Mrs. Albert G 1942
Ketchum Alton 1942
Lamunion Glen A. 1940
Long Mr & Mrs George + 4 children 1942
Manktelow Mrs. Albert Florence Chapin 1940
Merrill Lt. Donald W. 1942-1949
Meyer William F. 1942
Miller William R 1942
Miller Frank W. 1949
Monroe Charles Edward 1942
Nelson Baby of Mr. & Mrs. George Nelson 1942
Older Mrs. John Susana Shirer 1942
Rogers Mrs. Charles Blanche Smith 1942
Russ Luie 1942
Servis Clyde 1949
Servis Mrs. Frank Mary Ellen Krager 1942
Stevens Harvey H. 1949
Thompson Orlo 1942
Van Ocker William 1942

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