So Sad, again

I’ve been missing from the blogs for a few days.  Sally, a wonderful daughter, sister, mother and grandmother left us last Friday.  I knew her  as S-in-L’s mother and my younger grandchildren’s Grammie; she was good at both.  GS3 and GD1 were understandably upset, but I hope the good memories will out last the pain of their loss.  It was interesting to sit in the funeral home, and then the church and listen to Sally’s former co-workers, friends and family, as they revealed more about her than I could have otherwise learned.

We had missed Sally for a year or so.  She had been a familiar presence at our family gatherings, always with a great dish of food or plate if cookies; but her illness prevented that for quite a while.

So, I’m sad for my grandchildren, who lost a wonderful person from their lives.  But I’m glad she was there for the time she was, and grateful to her for everything she was to those I love.

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