So Here I Am

I am at the genealogy section of the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne Indiana. Helen is not here. Well, she probably is, but I didn’t find her. I also didn’t find a couple of other people I’m looking for. John Fenton and Martin Herrington. I went through about 15 microfilms, looking for even a little bit on any of them and found very little. I guess I won’t have to look in those places again. John is one of Papa’s maternal 2nd-grandfather, and Martin is one of mine. So, I do equal opportunity brick wall kicking. I’ll tell you more about them sometime. I have a lot of “stuff” on each of them, but their origins are undocumented consist of guesstimates at this time. Maybe I’ll find out something this year about each of them. I’d settle for a tidbit each.

That’s what a day at a microfilm machine will do for you, make you ready to settle. And now I get a bus ride home. Better than driving for sure. I guess this was a good Saturday, even without breakthroughs.

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