Snow? A Haircut?

Winter finally happened here in the Detroit suburbs.  I had to shovel the drive today.  Well, I didn’t have to, but it’s always better to keep up on such things.  And it’s good exercise.  Papa and I are headed out for a long weekend in the Smokie Mountains this afternoon.  I guess that’s why the weather turned, to make the trip hard.  Oh well.

 You may remember my raves about my haircut problems.  Yesterday I had a haircut; that rash action was an impulse move, fueled by my very impulsive inner self self.   Every time I do something like this, I hear my Aunt Jane saying, “The physical  therapist said I was far too impulsive to have a walker without breaks.”  I believe Aunt Jane was over 90 then; and her personality and actions still displayed that familiar family trait. 

Anyway, I was a post office mailing GS2 a package.  He still hasn’t received the birthday package I mailed on November 14th, for his November 27 birthday.  The Navy says Christmas packages need to be mailed by November 25, and by December 9th for priority mail.  I wouldn’t dream of using regular mail, so both packages were insured, and by priority mail.  I don’t know what the “birthday” deadline was, but I missed it.  I didn’t miss the Christmas deadline, so I hope he gets the darn thing. 

Oh, yes, the haircut.  The last one I had was a while ago, quite a while.  So, I kind of sneaked a peak into the window of the franchise hair cut place next to the post office, and went in and mailed my package.  On the way out, I just walked into the haircut place.  The woman that met me at the desk said she had cut curly hair before, so I just crossed my fingers and took a chance.  It doesn’t look great, but it is all one length, and just a kind of short tee-pee.  It curls pretty well (it always does), so no one will know that I spend about 2 minutes on my hair style each day.  I can hear my brain telling me to go to a better place, and pay more, and all that stuff, but I just can’t. 

 So, it’s off the Pigeon Forge, the outlets, the buffets, the music, the fun!

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