Small World

M-in-L’s family reunion was last Sunday. To be as specific as she is, “My mother’s family was the one that got together”. M-in-L was thrilled as more and more people drove in. We think there were about 110 or so, but we didn’t have everyone sign in. I guess that’s new for next year. We do know that it was the largest crowd at M-in-L’s house for this event–the place looked like a parking lot out front.

Papa had a wonderful time, scooping ice cream for the kids, and visiting with cousins. I had a lot of fun, too. It is great to see everyone; all of you who didn’t make it missed some great fun, visiting and food.

In the small world department, a second cousin once removed (I’ll call her “C”) of Papa attended with her husband and sons. C would be a third cousin of our children. It turned out that our S-in-L, D2’s husband, knew C’s husband from high school and football. Additionally, D2’s school recently hired a new principal — who is leaving the school that C teaches in to take the job.

So, have a reunion, and find out all kinds of things you didn’t know.

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