I’ve been pretty sick. Not sure what it is, but the doctor at the “quick clinic” near our home said it’s a virus. That means you sleep, drink and take Tylenol and hope you don’t die before you feel human again. It’s really not fun, you drink water and tea and hot chocolate, not anything that would help you forget your problems.

I don’t feel human at the moment, but I am sitting up for the first time in 2 days and nights. I’ve been on the chair, the bed, the couch, anywhere people and cats will leave me alone.

Yesterday I was miserable. I shut myself in the bedroom and covered up my over dressed body (shirt, sweatshirt, pants, socks) with some heavy quilts and a heating pad. I was desperately trying to sleep so my headache would not hurt so much, and I heard: rattle, rattle, rattle. It was the dark colored cat. She wanted to come in to comfort me, and she stuck her paw under the door and shook it, waiting for me to let her in. I didn’t answer, my head hurt too much. So, she started a sick meow cry, over and over. That got me up. I opened the door, and she came in, got under the covers and purred. I don’t know if I felt better, but she did what she could.

So, I’ll see you in a couple of days, when the chills stop, or we run out of green tea, which ever comes first.

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