D3 is sick now, pretty sick. She was in bed all of yesterday, she has what I would call the flu, but the clinics and hospitals call a virus. Headache, digestive symptoms, you get the idea. I don’t know if she’ll be able to work today, but I’m betting against it. It took D1 and I several days to recover from this thing. For the record, we have all had flu shots. All. Of. Us.

It being Monday, I’m waiting for everyone to jump out of bed and head for work. Well, Papa already did. GS1 won’t get up till the crack of noon; but D1 should be up in a minute or so and D2 should also be up if she can make work. I won’t be surprised if she is a no show, she looked pretty gray yesterday. D1 is having a few tests run, beginning with one this morning, at doctors orders to determine the cause of her problems. More later.

Well, D2 is in the shower. She is still sick, but says she’s the only one opening, and has to be there. She can leave early if necessary. I hope she makes it OK….

I’m going to keep sewing, I’m making the little grandchildren an few things for Christmas gifts. They will actually be pre-Christmas gifts, we’re having our family day here on December 6th. Most everyone will be here that weekend, but I heard yesterday that GS2 won’t be able to make it. As someone around here often says, “More for me”. I think Papa wants to grill steaks, so some of the crowd will be very happy. We normally head for Henry Ford Museum on Sunday, so the little kids can sit on Santa’s lap, and look at the decorations and the wonderful train setup.

We’re planning to leave for Thanksgiving at M-in-L’s on Wednesday after Papa gets out of work. GS1 is leaving earlier, so he can visit his Dad, brother and family. I don’t know when D1 is driving up, perhaps she will ride with us. D2 has to work till 11 p.m. on Wednesday night, and early Friday morning, so she will miss this trip. Actually, a lot of people who work in retail will be missing this holiday because of crazy store hours. Sometimes I wonder if we might be better off if the stores were actually closed on Sundays and Holidays like they were when I was a kid. At least you had one day a week that was a family day.

It’s all downhill from here to the holidays, I hope your Thanksgiving will be wonderful!

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