Seven Days to Open House

Well, the garage is clean, if you look at the front half. That’s all we need for the food anyway. Daughter One and sons handled that yesterday while I sat with Mom at the hospital. Step-dad gets tired, worry tires everyone fast.

Papa went up north as planned. This morning he and his Mom are out at all the cemeteries. They did my Dad’s plot for me. This makes me happy, since Dad was fussy about how it looked at Memorial Day.

Mom is a little better, and they are doing every test on earth to see how to help her be more comfortable. I’d be really happy if her appetite came back and she would consider a little shopping trip. We’ll see. I just hope she is well enough to come for the open house.

Back to the cleaning…


    • Laclos on May 27, 2006 at 11:58 am

    Thanks! Your cleaning reminded me how filthy and untidy my place is. Oh well. At least someone out there has their act together. 😉

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