Seems Like Monday…

I’ve got a ton of wash, and a ton to do.  We got our van back last night, S-in-L used it a few days while trying to clear up a few things.  There are so many things after a death.  I took step-dad to the eye doctor yesterday and myself to the dentist.  No problems, thank goodness.  So, it was a lost day, one of three so far in this lost week.

Today, I’ve got a website to redesign, some wash to do, a computer to fix, a house to clean, a knight costume to finish and on and on.  Knight costume?

There’s a long story.  D3 and her boyfriend attend a Renaissance festival near our home each year.  This year, their trip was planned on a day when GS3 and his sisters were here.  GS3 decided to go with them.  He had so much fun that he wanted his aunt, D3 to make him a costume for next year.  She sews quilts, not clothes.  I sew clothes, not quilts.  You get the picture, I’m sure.  The costume needs to be ready for Halloween, this year.   We’ll see how I do!

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