Scipio Township Cemetery, Seneca County Ohio

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Over the past few several 25 years, a mystery that has eluded me is the origin and parents of Erastus G. Fellows, who claimed Ohio birth, but for whom no document that I have found lists parents. In the course of my search, I have encountered other men named Fellows living in proximity to Erastus and his family, and have chased them (almost) to the ends of the earth. Two of those men surnamed Fellows claimed Ohio birth, and parents named Ruth Smith and Erastus Fellows (who died young). Census records for Seneca County, Ohio are promising, with minor children surnamed Fellows living in the County with other families in 1850.


In the course of the search, a researcher of one Joseph Fellows, who we believe to be the son of Erastus, and a brother of our ancestor, dug around the handy-dandy internet and forwarded me a link to the transcription of a cemetery. Scipio Township Cemetery, Seneca County, Ohio, to be exact. Papa and I visited the cemetery about eighteen months ago, checked it all out, took photos, and came away disappointed. The cemetery has been damaged since the transcription had been made. The marker that we suspected to be our ancestor’s, one “Erasts Fellows”, was not anywhere to be found. There was no marker in the location for the Smith family, either; we suspect they are connected in some way. Unfortunately, there were broken markers piled at the edge the cemetery.

All views of the cemetery are thumbnails, click to enlarge.

These photos are from east to west, looking mostly south west, and capture the entire cemetery.

almost due southlooking more southlooking south west

I want to thank Kristina Kuhn Krumm, who generously gave permission for me to use the transcription posted on her cemetery site to help identify the photos of the graves for this post. I sorted the transcription from her site by grave number, then we walked through the cemetery to figure out how it had been read. The markers I could identify are linked. Those which I could not identify are posted as thumbnails at the end of this document. I noticed that number 23 was listed twice on the transcription, and that several numbers had no transcription listed.

1 Cornell Cynthia A 11 Feb 1861 43y 2m 10d
2 Leister Jonathan 19 Sep 1848 41y 2m 7d
3 Smith Cornelia d/o
Ethan & Elizabeth
14 Sep 1850 2y 5m 11d
4 Cook Nelson W
s/o H & A
29 Nov 1840 17y 3m
5 Cook Asenath w/o Hiram,
b in Stamford ?, d in Delaware O
23 Mar 1863 62y 10m 3d
6 Fox Mary A d/o H & J 14 Jan 1848 12y 4m 14d
7 Hartsough Hannah 20 Jul 1842 89y
8 Green Mary 22 Sep 1841 66y
9 Ogden inf s/o G M & M A 27 Sep 1836 28d
10 Gray Mary d/o H & J 31? Dec 1841 1y 8m
11 Ogden Mary H d/o David D & Elgy M 1 Jun 1847
12 Ogden Amos c/o D D & E M 4 Apr 1839 2m 28d
12 Ogden Sarah c/o D D & E M 9 Jun 1845 1m 3d
13 Ogedn Elgy Mariah w/o David D 27 Jun 1845
14 Green Sarah A d/o Timothy & Mary A 25? Jun 1844 4y 7m 27d
15 Number not listed on transcription
16 Jones Mary A w/o Elisha 3? Feb 1839? 20y
17 Smith Josiah 4 July 1828 60y
18 Smith Mary w/o Josiah 5 July 183? 64y
19 Fellows Erasts 22 Aug 1843
20 Lester James 30 Apr 1785 27 Aug 1848?
21 Number not listed on transcription
22 Kellogg Amos c/o N & L Kellogg 8 Jun 1845 26y 6m 5d
22 Kellogg Pamelia c/o N & L Kellogg 11 Feb 1836 22y 5m 22d
23 Finch Jason 9 Jan 1850 26y 1m 19d
23 Ford Esther d. Attica (Seneca County History 1886 pg 687) 19 Mar 1829

Here are the markers that were standing that I could not read/identify/match up.

My number 54, taken just after the Amos and Sarah Ogden marker, looking almost due west, toward the neighboring property:

My number 55, a marker just north of that of #5 Asenath Cook, perhaps Nelson Cook #4.


My #61.


My #62.


On another trip to Ohio, we researched Fellows family records in Richland County and researched the Fellows family records at the Ohio Genealogy Society library. Although we did find information on families with the surname Fellows, even found an Erastus Fellows, the families that lived in Richland County did not appear to be our ancestors.

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    • Marilyn Pickering on August 16, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Thank you for your time and effort. My g grandmother was Asenath Cook and her son Nelson. I would never have found them if it wasn’t for dedicated people like you. Thank you

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