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This article describes how to save a PDF file created from a view of the Michigan Subdivision Maps site. I was able to save a copy by printing it to PDF. If you have a PDF writer of any kind installed on your computer you can do this with any printable display. These instructions are for a PC, and are specific to the subdivision plat maps, the procedure may differ on other sites, but I have successfully saved deeds, death certificates, obituaries and other images using this method. I have no information on how to use an Apple computer.

  1. Check your printers folder to be sure you have a PDF printer.

    print folder

  2. You can see that I have a several. If you see a PDF printer, you can proceed.
  3. Under view, select “fit window” .
    fit window

  4. The subdivision maps have their own printer icon. Other documents may be saved by using your browser’s default print icon, of by selection “File, Print” from the menus.
    print icon

  5. When the box comes up. Select “whole image”, not current view.

    site print box

  6. Click OK, and your print dialog box is displayed.

    comp print box

  7. Select your PDF print driver from the available printers, click OK. A “save” dialog box is displayed. Give your map a name and select a location, click OK.

    name print

  8. You can then open the PDF in any PDF viewer on your computer.

You can view a sample of the plat of Manton, Michigan which I saved using this procedure. You will need Adobe Acrobat® to view the plat.

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