Sally’s Pillows

I may have written about Sally, but lately she’s really been on my mind.  One reason, a number of her sewing and craft items are here.  I am the logical storage location for the sewing supplies, materials and patterns, I love to sew, and I do so often.  However, I’m not crafty, not at all.

Sally made pillows, and her needlepoint tops, with Christmas or winter themes, were missing from the “craft” items.

D2 kept them herself, and recently sent me eight which need to be completed.  I want GS3, GD1 and GD2 to be here to help on them, so we can talk about Grammie, and missing her, and the wonderful things she did.

Last night I decided I could get Sally off my mind by completing the pillows, or getting ready to do so.  I dragged out all the fabric I had set asside from Sayy’s stash for the project.  I decided quickly which she had intended to use and put the rest back.  That was the easy part, the hard part is actually doing it.  Memories are raging around in my head, and I wonder if I can even finish this job.  But, it’s been in my dining room for a couple of weeks, and I have to do it. Today. I made the backs for the needlepoint, and I’m going to make the welt and sew them together today.    I will leave an opening to stuff them, for when the kids are here.  Sesame Street Live is next week, so I’m going to retrieve them on Thursday, after school.  We will attend Sesame Street Live Friday morning, and see IIIrd Tyme Out at OCC on Friday night.  Saturday, we’ll stuff the pillows.

The sad part is knowing that it’s not for Sally, it’s for us.

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