Rough Ride

The weather was wild for about a half hour last night. The power, blinked several times, then went out for less than a minute. A wall of rain swept through, the wind blew, and then the storm sirens went. We headed for the basement, but the storm was past us by then.

A lot of branches were blown out of our trees, but we had no damage to our home or property. Others were not so lucky.

This morning, I picked up branches, pulled weeds, planted some seeds. Then I looked around and hauled out a ladder and trimmed some trees of low branches that make it hard for me to mow.

GS1 flew back to his base yesterday. I sure was nice to see him, and visit a little. He has grown up quite a bit in a few short months.

A wedding was held last Saturday night. god’s 1&2 wore their dresses. By all accounts, the event was quite successful. I received this, forwarded to my e-mail from D1’s cell phone that afternoon. D2 took the picture with her phone and sent it to her sister for me. I also sent it to a neighbor of M-in-L. The neighbor is a very nice lady who sometimes prints things from her e-mail and takes them to M-in-L. Thanks Judy!

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