Reorganizing My World

Something happened to me in the past year, and my live has changed more that I imagined.  GS1 left for the navy,   my mother began her more rapid decline and died, then S-in-L’s mother left us.  I look in the mirror and see the same person, but inside, i’m not the same, or I didn’t seem to be.

This past month, something snapped, and I became a little more like myself.  I regained some energy and began to reorganize my life, starting with the physical space.  I moved all the living room furniture, then the dining room.  I changed the “back room”, got some shelves and organized the contents.  I cleaned the kitchen, and the bedroom.  I bought a new desk for my computer and I’m getting ready to get the old one out of here, one way or another.

I’m thinking of a couple of genealogy research trips, I’m thinking about Christmas get-togethers, I’m sleeping a little better and finding I have the will to attack life again.  I’m acting, instead of reacting.  That’s more my style, and I do feel better these days.  Now, about that desk.  Time to remove it–

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