Ready, Set, 2 days Until the reunion

I guess by this time Sunday, the first of Papa’s extended family will have rolled in, and we’ll be smack in the middle of visiting, game playing and all the fun stuff.

We we mention the reunion to GD1 a couple of weeks ago, she didn’t say much. Then she came around, having thought about it, and said, “Papa is bringing ice cream”. She also said I should buy “Two 100-packs of cones”. Nice. I guess that was the largest number she could think of at the time. I will not be buying that many cones, but we won’t run out, either.

The garage is piled with junk to put in the van, and we filled it last night. If I get everything in, I’m going to take a nap. That is because, I always remember things when I lay down. Last night it was the ice cream scoop. I have several, I forgotten that one before.

The cats are huddled up, anticipating what’s going on. Figures. They tun for anything that looks like it’s going, hoping to head of the inevitable. It doesn’t work, we go anyway. They are well cared for, as is the house, for the short time we’ll be gone. But they miss their Mama.

So, we’re almost off, with one scoop and something less than 200 cones!

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