Read This about Evidence and Conclusions

I have rarely felt so strongly that about the importance of a piece of genealogical writing.

The author who writes as ‘The Ancestry Insider’ has is writing about how computer programs and online trees handle evidence and conclusions; more to the point, how they should handle it.

You need to read this post, now. Reading this explains why many beginning genealogists have problems understanding analyzing what they have found. It also explains why so many people have ongoing problems reaching conclusions regarding evidence. Computer programs have no way to display evidence systematically to aid decision making.

Lately, I have seen many examples of individuals conducting research to support a IWAG1, instead of gathering evidence to lead them to a logical conclusion. Down with guessing! Down with posting guesses in on-line family trees!

  1. Illogical Wild A** Guess. Did not want to offend you with my opinion of some of the things I have seen lately until you read the important part!

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