Random Musical Thoughts

A while ago, I ripped all our tapes and CD’s to the main computer. I’ll be investing in a turntable to do all the albums soon, perhaps before next winter. I just made a playlist of all the songs with a Pete Goble writing credit. It’s an interesting list, but probably contains less than a quarter of what Pete has written that has been performed.

My all-time favorte, up till now: Julie Ann Come On Home; Barry Scott sang that one on the Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver album School of Bluegrass. It’s was always in the first two or three on the set list we heard Barry sing in Michigan. Pete was usually in the crowd and sometimes Doyle picked Pete up and he rode in the bus.

Probably the first song of Pete’s that I remember hearing (and knowing he wrote it) was Colleen Malone, sung by Hot Rize. To this day, a mandolin sounds “just right” to me when it has a bright sound like Tim O’Brien’s did in the Hot Rize days.

Something about music calms the soul, even under difficult circumstances.

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