Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s warmer, but rainy today.  The ice is mostly melted off the driveway, but some water is still backing up into the garage.  I tried ice melter, and chopping, but we really need more warm weather.  The forecast is for ice and snow.  Again.

GS3 is 9 today!  I believe I was in Juarez when he was born, but it may have been El Paso or Monterrey.  I was in one of those three places for much of the last four years that I worked.  Airplane, car,  hotel and shop for 5 days, car, airplane, home.  It was fun sometimes, but mostly I was tired and jet-lagged. 

Today, I cleaned, vacuumed, washed, dried, folded, did reports for an organization I belong to, and worked on Papa’s website.  It sure does need work.  Perhaps I’ll finish tomorrow.

I had a bad experience at the Credit Union last week, do you want to hear how bad?  I arrived just as the doors were opened.  The people that were in line shuffled in ahead of me.  I walked to the desk and wrote my name on the list, since I needed to some personal attention.  A woman was suddenly at my elbow, saying loudly, “I only have one thing that I need notarized, and I’ve been waiting in line since 9:00 and I didn’t know I had to sign a list!  She really needed cheese with that whine.  I just said, go ahead and sign in, you can be first.  I’m in no hurry.  That person and her meek, mild husband pushed in front of me and I took a seat.  It was twenty minutes later when someone finally helped me with my 2 minute job.  That pushy woman and her husband were still occupying a customer service person when I left.  If she was only having one thing notarized, I’ll eat my hat….

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