Rain, finally


It rained a measly half inch yesterday. Not to be ungrateful, but we could use a little more, this week please. I had finally given up and mowed on Thursday. I set the mowers up as high as they would go and did it. Had grandsons One and Two help with trimming and so on. This morning, as soon as I put the garbage out I fertilized the darn lawn. The garden looks great. I need to do a small amount of maintenance and then it’ll be good for the week.

We’re headed out to see some friends, some music and sit in our lawn chairs again this weekend. We are taking the camper tonight, provided I get the darn thing ready. I’m struggling, but might make it. This is the first trip for the Lex this year. We had cleared the entire thing out last fall, thinking we might trade (up or down). We finally decided gas for the one we own is cheaper than any new one, big or small. Strange, but it took 2 mostly sane adults a month or so to figure that out. Marketing on the new ones in powerful, and in your face. We use in only 8 or 10 times a year, and the rest of the time it is parked.

The kitten/cat I call Squeaky is very upset with the proceedings. Chloe, the other kitten/cat is off sleeping, but Squeak is under foot, in my lap, giving me dirty looks as I move the bags and food, and so on. She obviously knows something is up, but not sure how to stop me.

The Catties will be well taken care of, daughter Three will be home all week, so then will get food, water and attention. What they won’t have all week is a warm body to sleep by. grandsons One and Two are off visiting their father “up North”, and daughter One will visit with friends for the weekend, then retrieving grandsons One and Two. It’s summer and we’re in a hurry to enjoy it!

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