Quick Thursday Post

I’ve been reading a bunch of gene blogs, reminding me to either remove the tag and make some gen posts. At least it might remind me. There is a lot of good material and wisdom out there, partake when you can.

Time is catching up to me. The beautiful princess costume is complete, and the mermaid underway. I need to hurry, other projects are screaming for attention. For one, I’m thinking of building a PC. Not that we don’t have enough of ’em here. But, newer and bigger is better, right? I tore an old one apart yesterday, and I had a part I wanted to put in the one I use everyday. But, there is no room in the case, which does have a huge proprietary bay I’ll never use. Papa suggested getting a new case, and that got me thinking about possibilities…. We’ll see.

There is a estate sale next door today through Saturday. Not a happy thing for me. I loved the neighbor who lived there, and I miss her every day. She was in her 90’s when she passed away a couple of years ago, but she was the best (perhaps only) good neighbor around here. The people here aren’t like the down home ones where I came from, or at least the don’t seem to be. The worst think was it reminds me again of all the loss of this year and I get sad again.

There are some new photos posted at Papa’s website. The house is half clean. I took out a spare sewing machine to see how it works for me ($10 at a garage sale). So the day is planned!

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