Public Places, Wacky People, and Coffee

Here I am in a special place where people drink coffee, eat soup, pastries or sandwiches and use the Internet.  I’m using the Internet, but I’m not drinking coffee.  I used to drink lots of coffee, 40 or more years ago, when I was single.  I waited on tables at a series of places, and coffee was free.  All the waitresses drank lots of it.  I was real thin then, perhaps I should go back to waiting on tables and drinking coffee?

A guy just came in, pushed two tables together and installed a sign which says, “Wild and Wacky Wednesday Seniors”.  No kidding.  There is a subtitle, but I can’t read it from here.  The Wild and Wacky appear to be male.  Think about that.  A large table full of Wild and Wacky older than working age men, drinking coffee and eating bagels and pastries.  With a crazy sign on the table.  They seem quite serious, not wacky, and they just responded to someone who inquired about joining them that, “You just have to be on social security.” The counter ladies know ’em all.  The more I see in the world, the more I long to see, and this is one reason why. 

 I dropped Papa off at work, or perhaps he dropped himself off.  I took his car, filled it with gas, and washed it.  I found this place to sit until a nearby library opens.  I have about 20 minutes left, time enough drink up my coke, to finish this, to use the ladies room and then to pack up and move on.  The think is, they are playing some classical music.  At least I think it’s classical.  It has orchestra instruments, heavy on fiddles violins.  It’s not a piece I recognize, but it does provide background.  I’m glad it isn’t loud rock and roll, but beyond that, I have no opinion.

There are some signs of spring in the air, and the sun is shinning.  If the pot hole fillers would go into overdrive, my world would be complete.  We’ve had two of our vehicles repaired from what appears to be pothole damage.  We have one (and the camper) which seem to have emerged from this treacherous time intact.  I hope.  I also hope the repaired ones stay that way. 

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