Promise, The Saga Continues

You may remember that D2 and her family moved to a new town at the end of the summer.  She took a job with the Kalamazoo Public School District.  Most school districts in Michigan are on hard times, but  the Kalamazoo district has a little something going for it, the Kalamazoo Promise. 

This is a pretty big thing, a guarantee of free college tuition for qualified graduates of the district.  You might want to read up on it on the Promise web site, it’s pretty interesting. 

D2 reported to me that she had been interviewed for an article about the Promise which would be published in the teacher’s union magazine.  Apparently it has been published, because D3’s boyfriend called her and told here that he was saving a magazine article his mother cut out and, “It has a picture of your sister and all her children in it.” 

I do want to  report that D2 has 3 children, not as many as one might think when you hear “ALL her children”.  And, her husband, S-in-L, was also in the photograph.  The article was about the Promise, and explores reasons why some families have relocated to the Kalamazoo district. 

I’ve been told that Dr. Janice Brown, the superintendent of the Kalamazoo District, is being interviewed by Katie Couric.  The interview is scheduled to appear in the Monday Night broadcast.  If you can’t watch, it may be archived on the CBS site later.

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