Progress Report Number 5, GeneaBloggers 2010 Winter Games

1  – Complete.  This requirement fit in nicely with my current push to reformat my citations recommendation by Mills, in Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. I reformatted 59 of those sources February 17-18.  The drudgery will continue!

Category 1 – Platinum


2A – complete:
2B – Hoping for clarification, help me out, read and comment here:
2C – complete:
2D – complete:
2E – complete:

Category 2 – ????

3A – I filed 32 new items properly in their notebooks on February 17, these hard copies are not original documents and can be replaced, so they are organized by Surname, First Name and added into my huge ring-binder collection.
3B  –  I have organized hundreds of files and added tags.  It feels great to have this complete.
3D – I have completed many more than twenty of these.  I actually added tags to all my saved photos.  I am going to be ready to scan some more, now.
3E – I entered 35 new facts into my database, most linked to newly scanned documents from my pile of unentered research. I wish the whole thing was done. Hopefully, soon.

Category 3 — Gold

4A – complete:
4B – complete:
4E – complete:

Category 4 — Diamond

5C – complete: , ,, and this one.
5E- I added my Ahnentafel to this blog, placing it on a new page.
5F – complete:

Category 5, Gold


6A – I read 10 new blogs 15 February 2010, and commented on several.
6B – Added 32 memorials and grave photographs to Find-A-Grave to satisfy this requirement on 15 Feb 2010
6G – Complete, I have used the Google follow feature for a couple of blogs. I will probably change them over to my feed reader, since what is how I prefer to follow, but I did meet this condition and will leave them as followed for the duration of the Games!

Category 6, Gold.

The ten inches of snow we received today slowed me down some today. I am expecting to have three VIP’s (grandchildren) visit later this week, so I have just a little time to continue with the competition. I will be writing a summary for the closing games before they arrive.

No matter how much more I accomplish, this exercise has proven to me that I can make progress, it is a matter of how high a priority I can assign to the tasks!

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