Final Accounting GeneaBloggers 2010 Winter Games

1  – Go Back and Cite Your Sources!  My award: Platinum

Complete.  This requirement fit in nicely with my current push to reformat my citations recommendation by Mills, in Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. I reformatted 59 of those sources February 17-18.  The drudgery will continue, I have a lot left to do here.

2 – Back Up Your Data! My award: Platinum

I am still slightly confused by the wording of this requirement, BUT,  I feel safe and comfortable about my backup system.

2A – complete:

2B –

2C – complete:

2D – complete:

2E – complete:


Category 3 –Organize your Research!  My award: Diamond

Although I feel well organized, I am not sure how an “outsider” who had never looked at my information, would view my system.  I had no clue that it was hard for someone else to understand until my daughter tried to help me file.  Trying to explain about filing woman’s item under their maiden name gave me a headache.  I am working on an explanation which will work for the non genealogist in the family.  There are a lot of them.

I have not completed the final task in this category, but will aim to do so soon.

3A – I filed 32 new items properly in their notebooks on February 17, these hard copies are not original documents and can be replaced, so they are organized by Surname, First Name and added into my huge ring-binder collection.

3B  –  I have organized hundreds of files and added tags.  It feels great to have this complete.

3C – complete

3D – I have completed many more than twenty of these.  I actually added tags to all my saved photos.  I am going to be ready to scan some more, now.

3E – I entered 35 new facts into my database, most linked to newly scanned documents from my pile of unentered research. I wish the whole thing was done. Hopefully, soon.


Category 4:  Expand Your Knowledge!  Award:  Platinum

4A – complete:

4B – complete:

4C – complete:

4D – complete:

4E – complete:


Category 5: Write, Write Write!  My award: Diamond

5A – Complete:

5C – Complete: , ,, and this one.

5E  – Complete, I added Ahnentafel pages for both my husband and me.

5F – complete:


Category 6 Reach out and perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness.  My award: Gold

I look weak here, but I believe, overall in my genealogical life, I am strong.  I do make every effort to help others.   I am an active member of my local Genealogical Society; and belong to several others.  Until you have experienced assistance from someone who happens to have access to information you cannot otherwise get, it is hard to realize how important this is.  I have also participated in some cooperative research and data sharing with newly found cousins during the Games, but it is not the same as gifting someone with information.  I encourage everyone to help others as much as possible; we can all with with an attitude of helping.

6A – I read 10 new blogs 15 February 2010, and commented on several.

6B – Added 32 memorials and grave photographs to Find-A-Grave to satisfy this requirement on 15 Feb 2010

6G – Complete, I have used the Google follow feature for a couple of blogs. I will probably change them over to my feed reader, since what is how I prefer to follow, but I did meet this condition and will leave them as followed for the duration of the Games.

The ten inches of snow we received  slowed me down this week. I am expecting to have three VIP’s (grandchildren) visit for the weekend, so I am writing this in advance, for posting on Friday, the closing day.

I believe this exercise has proven to me that I can make progress, it is a matter of how high a priority I can assign to the tasks.  I hope all the participants have benefited as much as I have during the games.

See you all next year.


    • JoLyn on March 3, 2010 at 10:56 am

    What an accomplishment you have made. And I love how you’ve recorded it. Makes me think I could use this method to help me over the hump of my big long ugly “to-do NOW” list!
    .-= JoLyn´s last blog ..five times on the road to hana =-.

    • JoLyn on March 3, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    Sorry Pam for being confusing! I like how you made your list of goals and kept track of it in categories and then marked it off when it’s complete. And related it to the Olympics. I think I could use the way you did your goals to do mine! Hope that makes sense!
    .-= JoLyn´s last blog ..five times on the road to hana =-.

  1. JoLyn, if something I did helps you, I am thrilled to death. To be honest, I just work from a to-do list, which never ends. If I had the paper I have used and then recycled while writing things down and then crossing them off, I could heat the house for several cold Michigan winters.

    For the games, I simply listed every task the way it was expertly organized by Thomas on [] to there was nothing original about it. When I completed the task, I just linked or added information explaining my work.

    Anytime I get too proud of my organizational skills I just look at this:
    Wow, the proud vanishes fast!

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