I pulled the last of my unentered genealogy data out of it’s hiding places and piled it on my desk this morning. The pile is about seven inches high. When I made my New Years resolution to get this done, the pile was bigger. That big red accordion folder which was inside the file box wouldn’t close, wouldn’t stand up by itself, wouldn’t do anything but hide in the box. The pile under it in the box was pretty high. The darn folder empty now. In it’s place in the box is the about 6 inch high pile of data which I have entered, some blank forms in file folders, and a box of archival safe sheet protectors. I think I may make it by the end of the year, but I will still have to file it all. Irk.

The bathroom is completely painted. I have the outside of the door to do, which I will tomorrow. I’m looking for a new and improved towel bar, but I haven’t found what I want, yet. I have the paint chips for the rest of the house. I’m eyeing the ugly green carpet in the living room, it’ll be gone soon.

I’m also eyeing all the branches, sticks and other stuff in the yard. I sure wish it would warm up. I look out the window at a whole world of things to do, many of which are actually pretty fun. I really do think spring is on the way, since I have a horrible sinus headache and it won’t go away. It’s heading pads, hot warm compresses, antihistamines, and misery for now. Not my favorite thing.

GD2 is visiting at the end of this week! I hope we’ll be able to make the zoo, it is supposed to warm up. Also thinking of the children’s museum in Ann Arbor, a very fun place for kids. She also likes to go to the library, so that is a possibility. I’m planning a day of research over in Ingahm County on my way to meet D2 and get her. I hope I can find what I need to find, it’s frustrating to know something is there, and not be able to put your hands on it.

For today, its data entry, data entry, data entry. And the doctor.

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