Post from my computer diary, written 7-7-07

Saturday, not Sunday, and we’re headed home a day early.  D2 needs a little help right now.  Her sisters are assisting while we get ourselves across the turnpike and home again.

Granny needs to clean out the camper, put away the food, wash her clothes and get going again tomorrow.

The great Mountaintop festival is a memory for this year.  I know those still there are going to enjoy today’s line-up, including Karl Shiflett and Melvin Goins.  We had the privilege of seeing Grasstowne, a new venture; I enjoyed both their shows.

When we realized we’d have to leave a day early, I visited for a minute with Martha Adcock.  We’ve been privileged to see Eddie and Martha with Tom Gray for several years at Mountaintop, and previously saw Martha and Eddie regularly at Wendy Smith’s park in Northern Michigan.  I am reminded each time I see them of a magical night several years ago, when Randall Hylton and the Adcocks were booked on the same day at Wendy’s.  After the last set, Randall and Eddie took to the stage together, a performance to remember.  They played guitars, I’m not sure which of his girls Randall played, but it was great, a memory I treasure.  One more thing, you can’t get enough of Tom Gray on the bass, this was our second opportunity this year!

On the Fourth, we sat in our chairs behind Lex, watched, and enjoyed the fireworks launched from nearby towns.  It was cloudy, but there were plenty to see from that great vantage point.

So, we’ll go home, and get real, and this year’s vacation will become another sweet memory.

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