Post from my computer diary, written 7-1-07

Sunday, we’re on our way to Pennsylvania.  We got an early start, which we blew by stopping to eat a nice lunch.  I guess that’s what vacations are about.

We spent the weekend near Leslie, Michigan, at the Wheel Inn Campground.  A quite place, and we had a nice rest.  A few bands played, a couple of which were of interest to us.  On Friday, Granny saw something that made her very happy.  It’s Rachel, doing what she seems to love to do.  Papa observed that she was almost dancing with that bass.  She said she would be playing some dates with her family this summer.

On Saturday, the Mike Adams Band played a set.  A couple extras sat in, and it was a predictably excellent performance.  A great way to start a week off!

Papa’s photos from Friday night are already posted; we’ll try to get to Saturday’s tomorrow.

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